Have You Ever Wondered How Some Financial Advisors Seem to Have the Secret Formula for Success?

Learn about the Secret Tools that I Use with my Coaching Clients to Increase Their Productivity and Income ... and how YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

 The Advisor’s Toolbox will help you!

It is never easy for an advisor to admit that they know they can do better with their business but when those who are driven with the ambition to succeed realize that asking for help and guidance is actually a sign of strength rather than one of weakness then they are ready to move their business to the NEXT LEVEL.

To do that you need to fill your, “Toolbox” so that you are prepared with an arsenal of appropriate financial service industry “tools” that will allow you to further build your business. Advisor Solutions can help you do that by providing you with customizable tools, templates and techniques.  Read on to learn more!!

The Advisor’s Toolbox:
Equipping Advisors with Strategies for Success

Advisor Solutions Toolbox Series is based on a compilation of resources that Advisor Solutions has created in response to the needs of our financial advisor clients whom have been coached one-on-one as well as through our S.M.A.R.T Start Group Coaching Program. Becoming aware of the areas in your business that could use improvement and purchasing these modules is a powerful step to ensuring that you continue to prosper, grow and find success.

So why is understanding what tools you need so important in order to be successful? Because financial advisors who do not understand what appropriate tools to use, why to use them and how to use them effectively are doomed to come up against the same challenges. In order to truly move to the next level, you must first identify the challenges in your business, understand solutions to overcome them, find the right tools to help you apply these solutions and continue the process until it becomes a habit. Evaluating your results takes you back to the beginning of this process and soon challenges are merely opportunities to utilize tools for your success.

Managing the many facets of your business can be difficult for financial advisors to master; the reason is because advisors work in a very reactive environment with many constantly changing factors, the fluctuating market, ongoing client concerns and compliance- just to name a few.

“I am using Advisor Solutions tools, and they work!!!”

Mary Kay R.
Independent Financial Advisor

In order to become pro-active in a reactive environment, you need to have the right tools, techniques and resources to help keep your day structured, your interruptions prioritized, your client servicing items organized and your motivation and momentum at full steam. Think of a carpenter going to work each day with his/her toolbox; without it they may not have the right tool(s) to get the job done.

Your business is the same way. You need an array of tools to stay on track. All of the tools you will find in the Advisor Solutions Toolbox Series were created to help you manage the multiple demands of your day to day.  All of the tools and strategies you will find in the Advisor Solutions Toolbox Series can help you to keep your focus which is a primary challenge for most of the clients I have worked with.

Simply, if you are armed with the right equipment you can get down to the job of building a better financial advisory business!

“After utilizing Advisor Solutions tools, I have been able to refine my process,
and I am finding success!”

John A.
Financial Advisor-Major Wirehouse

 What You Get in the Advisor’s Toolbox: Solutions “A to Z”

The Advisor Solutions Toolbox Series provides descriptions and instructions for twenty-six guides, exercises and templates covering the eight most important facets of your business; time management, prospecting, sales, relationship building, client servicing, marketing, product knowledge and portfolio management, that YOU can utilize to help in taking your business beyond where you find it now to reach a more successful and fulfilling industry practice.  An assessment is included in module 1 so that you can better prioritize your needs and begin implementing the tools you need NOW to help grow your business. The series also includes four in-depth one hour audio MP3s that correspond with each of the four modules.

What the Advisor’s Toolbox can do for You:

  • Show you how balanced your business is.
  • Help create structure into your day and stick to it.
  • Teach you how to identify, prioritize and manage interruptions.
  • Explain how to handle negative self-talk and eliminate procrastination.
  • Talk about how to anchor your goals to a rewards system that will work.
  • Share the secret system to knowing how to ask better questions.
  • Give you the skills to master the art of handling any objection.
  • Provide a system for identifying where each prospect is in your pipeline.
  • Show you how to unclog your pipeline so you increase your sales cycle.
  • Teach you how to identify your personality type and that of prospects and clients.
  • Explain how to properly prepare for the closing appointment and increase your success.
  • Demonstrate how to craft great stories to make a better connection with prospects and clients.
  • Talk about how to segment your book the right way and what to do about the information.
  • Share the secret to creating your own great scripts.
  • Explain how to assess your own goals to make sure that you work smarter and not just harder.
  • And, much, much more!!!

You get all of this, 110+ pages of course material and instruction, 4- down loadable audio MP3s (over 5 1/2 hours of audio to instantly down load to your digal media device such as ipod, ipad, itunes and smart phone), detailed assessments and analysis of YOUR strengths and weaknesses and communication and feedback from Dan Finley the President/Co-Founder of Advisor Solutions and the author of 101 Advisor Solutions: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Strategies that Educate, Motivate and Inspire.

“These tools have been a big eye opener to me as I can work on the things I can do fairly easily that will result in growing my book, improve the way I manage my business and make me a more productive and profitable as an Financial Advisor at the same time.”

David P.
Bank Financial Advisor

How much would it be worth to you if you implemented this and brought in just one great client?

Originally, based on all the money-making secrets loaded into this program, I was going to charge $247 for it, but then I realized that financial advisors should not be without these essential tools which I believe are critical to the foundation of success. I am offering this for only $147 on a limited time basis. This basically pays for itself as when you use these tools and techniques you increase your productivity, focus on the clients and earn the income that you want.

If after using these tools and techniques for 60 Days you can honestly say they didn’t work for you, return it and I will give you a full refund! My goal is to get these “game changing” tools into as many hands as quickly as possible. Once that happens the price will go up… significantly!

Need more of an incentive to buy?

Bonus 1 (Value $27)

I will include an audio download of the first CD in a series titled “The Solutions Series: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities“. This series has been created over years of researching the most common challenges that Financial Advisors face and is focused to help you break through the barriers of these challenges with ease. This is a live Group Coaching Audio!!!


Bonus 2 (Value $27)

I will include an audio download of the second CD in a series titled “The Solutions Series: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities”. Again, this series is an unscripted live audio of real world challenges that is focused on solutions to help you break through the barriers of these challenges with ease. Many of the tools that you will learn in the Advisor’s Toolbox are described in these audios. This is a live Group Coaching Audio!!!


“As I reviewed my year, I realized that many of the tools you provided led to my business being
up 27%, I can’t thank you enough!”

Jim G.
Financial Advisor

Only $147


Daniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions, Inc.

Office: 715-262-2040

PS… Remember, there is no risk! If you honestly tried to implement these tools and you can’t see increased productivity or have not  increased your income, simply email me for a full, NO HASSLE refund.

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